WordPress Maintenance

Maintain your website while you grow your business

WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress Maintenance services includes all day to day things like security checkups, plugins , theme or wordpress updates if there is any. Maintenance not only means to update things but also assures your website is secure and not affected by any malicious bug or malware.


Backup & Restore

Scheduled back up is always a good option if you are a blogger or changes your website on weekly basis. Backups can easily restore your website to older version if your website is affected or destroyed due to any latest updates.

Theme & Plugin Updates

WordPress core files, plugins and themes update is necessary part if you want your website hack proof. Whenever there is an update from wordpress community or there is major change in PHP version, we need to update everything.

Website Optimization

Optimizing website involves many things like caching, minification, compression, SEO friendly URLs, CDN, latest PHP version, less use of plugins, cleaning of older posts or revisions, disable unwanted things from wordpress etc.

WordPress Security

Make your wordpress based website secure by having proper protection from different kinds of malware, brute force attacks. Spam protection for all types of forms and make your website available to the countries where you do your business.

Staging Site Creation

Its always better to make a staging website or you can say clone version of your live website so we can do all kinds of tests before we update our live website. If an update is not compatible with your website it may break or cause issues.

Premium Support

We provide support on different medium like Email, Skype, Whatsapp, Slack, Live Chat etc. Depending on your need, we provide solutions for all your queries. Feel free to drop us a message to know more about us.

  • Complete testing of your website on different browsers, desktop, operating systems and resolutions.
  • Schedule backup of complete website on monthly / bi-weekly basis.
  • Online scan for complete website for malware detection and scan through plugins.
  • Responsiveness testing on different devices.
  • Spam protection for different forms.
  • Free minor bugs removal or changes like color, layout or any new feature.
  • Live chat support available.
  • Updates as per new industry standard whenever new version is available.
  • Free migration service.
  • Removal of all un used plugins, files or themes.
  • Website improvement in terms of performance and security.

Our Popular Plans & Pricing


  • Complete Backup
  • Latest Updates
  • Security Updates
  • SSL Integration
  • Minor Fixes

Benefits of WordPress Maintenance

Regular Backup and Restoring website in case of any kind of Malware / Brute Force Attacks

More secure by updating all plugins, theme and wordpress core.

Better search visibility as google prefers those websites which are more secure and easier to crawl.

Accessible to all devices, browsers and mediums.

Fast loading speed after using caching mechanism, compressed images and minifying of files.